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Craig Carmichael's Music - Sound Files

Here are some sample sound files of a few of my musical works.

Also, a Supercorder & strings rendition of the first movement of Allissandro Marcello's oboe concerto. (June 2010)

from a "Consort Orchestra" rehearsal:
The Highwayman Suite
(scored for Recorder quartet + string quartet.)
(We were missing bass recorder; parts were covered by tenor.)
1. Overture
2. A Ride in the Countryside
3. The Holdup
4. Revelry
5. The End

Ken Dimoff's String Camerata

A sightreading group with varying membership that plays though music for fun.
I occasionally record my music or playing FWIW.

High Prairie
(WMA audio file - with a supposedly high quality handheld digital recorder.)
(with soprano recoder, Supercorder alto, flute (tenor), bass dulcian (bass), about 10 strings)
I love the bass dulcian!
(Scored for recorder quartet + string quartet.)
(It didn't seem so slow when we were playing it!)

Marcello: Supercorder (Oboe) Concerto, first movement
Yours Truly does Marcello's oboe concerto on Supercorder, with 1st & 2nd violin, viola and 3 cellos.
The lowest note of the D minor version I chanced to find goes exactly to the Supercorder's low E.
I recorded this specifically to show the Supercorder sound,
so the camcorder/microphone was on a chair next to where I was standing.
(Heavily studio edited from several partial takes.)

Fun With a Cassette Sound Studio

Recordings with a cassette sound studio, MIDI and some musical instruments. The alto recorder is my 'superrecorder' prototype with my three improvement-inventions and low-E key installed. The soprano recorder has the tuning-dynamics control and the index-finger-only F/F# key. The sopranino in "Weather Lifts" is plain.

Consort ("Closet") Symphony
ConsortSymphony1.MP3 - 'The Weather Lifts'
ConsortSymphony2.MP3 - 'Chorus'
ConsortSymphony3.MP3 - 'By a Forest Stream'
ConsortSymphony4.MP3 - 'Scotland and Ireland'

Recorder Concerto #2
1. Moderato Mysterioso
2. Adagio
3. Scherzatto
4. Freestyle

Computer Sound Studio Program

Better audio quality and editing features than the cassette unit.

Blockflute Overture
Pagan Ritual

In Hymn I play the soprano, alto and tenor recorder parts all with the "superrecorder", with just a few tenor low 'D's transposed up.

High Prairie
BC Tone Poem

With Orchestral Winds

Here's the "superrecorder" prototype played in lieu of oboe in a mixed wind ensemble with 2 flutes, recorder (oboe 1), clarinet (oboe 2), 3 clarinets (as clarinets), 2 bassoons, 3 horns, and a string bass. (Evening rehearsal, November 2003).

Partita for Winds ln D Major: Rondeau - Antonio Rosetti (1753 - 1793)

from Concert, April 23rd, 2004:

Bonanza Concerto for Recorder & Strings
(Recorder + string quartet.)
I put on a concert, where I played this. (at the Isabelle Reader Theatre in Langford, next to Victoria BC Canada). One mic was too close to the cello and the other too close to the recorder, so the violins and viola are a bit hidden in the background. I called the concerto "Bonanza" because I "discovered" the first movement in a box of music I had written 20 years previously and long since forgotten about. I came up with a beautiful theme and decided it would make a great second movement for a recorder concerto, so then I just had to write a finale so I could say I'd written a real concerto!

1. Bonanza
2. Twilight
3. Finale

Some of my Trios

Here's a SupercorderTM, Violin and Bassoon playing some of my trios. (Session Aug 2004) (I really ain't practicing enough, but here they are anyway!).