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The Towne Waites Recorder Consort: What If I Never Speed?

Concert by Ensemble Flauto Nuovo (Netherlands) on March 26th 2000 in the Kruiskerk (Cross Church) in Bergum (Netherlands). Ensemble Flauto Nuovo consists of Dinie Goedhart, Thea Jaworski-Kuperus and Wiep Klaas Smits. Contribution of Margo Amse (singer) in numbers 1,3 and 4.

Instruments: Consort made by Francesco Li Virghi, Italy.

  • Despososse tu amiga (01'46")
  • Lo que queda es lo seguro (01'41") - [Pedro de Escobar]
  • Mas deveis a quien os sirve (01'52")
  • Todo me cansa y me pena (01'35")