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The Norwegian 'national recorder' is the Sj°fl°yte. It's name indicates that it may have come across the sea, which again points to Germany from the Hanseatic period. Although the recorder has evolved from baroque recorders to the sj°fl°yte, it's way of playing is entirely Norwegian. Look at the music examples page for some examples. Below are some pictures of the recorder:

Soprano sj°fl°yte
Sorano Sj°fl°yte

Alto sj°fl°yte
Alto Sj°fl°yte

More commonly known is the Seljefl°yte. It's a recorder made of sallow (in Norwegian 'selje'). As it's made without any holes except from the bottom hole, it uses the nature tone scale. Look at the music examples pages for some examples. Below is a picture of the instrument


Another very old recorder is the Beinfl°yte. It's made from a sheep's or goat's bone and the only wooden part is the block. The tones are mostly different from recorder to recorder, so it has not a very broad repertoire. Below is a picture of the instrument: